How to Know if we are doing God\’s Will?

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To begin we must pray and discern with God about the important decisions of our life. The more important the greater the discernment. Praying to God but also doing our work to find out.  If you have a difficult situation, use reason and evaluate the pros, cons and possible consequences of your decisions. Investigate as much as you can.
As Saint Augustine said:

\”Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.

We must also differentiate between our will, what we believe to be the will of God and the actual will of God.
Our will is evident is what we want to do. We can want something so much that we can try to justify our will as if it were God\’s will. We must be humble and pray, look deep inside ourselves and ask for illumination from the Holy Spirit, who is the one who can inspire in us the greatest wisdom.
God can take his time to respond (in my experience he answers me pretty fast most of the time) but he is never late.
My tip:
If your decision goes against the 10 commandments, it is not God\’s will.
Additionally you can seek inspiration also, both in the teachings of the sacred scriptures, as in the catechism and in the life and choices of the saints.
Because God is perfect, he would never go against his word or his commandments. Anything that goes against this is neither his will nor the right path.
I understand that the situations of this life are very complex, however the more disorder in our life, the more complicated it is. Let\’s try to put our lives in order and make better decisions. We all know deep down what is right from what is not. Sin is disorder. An orderly life is the will of God.

Sharing is caring!

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